This was the summer program in 2013

May 25, Viking Feud Part I - Trelleborgen, Slagelse Denmark

For the first time in a thousand years four Viking clans clash in eight old Nordic disciplines that will challenge both strength, courage and wit. The first competition will take place in Trelleborgen in Slagesle, Denmark.

June 1, Viking Feud, Part II – Frederikssund, Denmark

For the second time the Vikings clash in eight disciplines to find out which clan is the strongest. This time the competition takes place in Frederikssund, Denmark.

June 21 to 23, Frederikssund Viking Market, Frederikssund Denmark

Frederikssund Viking Market is an event that coincides with the premiere of the annual Viking Play. The market takes place on Kalvön in Frederikssund and attracts both local and international visitors.

June 21-July 14, Frederikssund Viking Play, Frederikssund Denmark

The Frederikssund Viking Play has been going for over 60 years! Every summer about 250 children and adults jump into their Viking costumes and dramatize an exciting Viking Play at the beautiful open-air stage. The play is based on the Danish Viking sagas and myths and it is an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

June 28 to 30, Foteviken Viking Market, Höllviken Sweden

Don’t miss one of the largest Viking Market in Sweden! About 300 Vikings from all over Europe come to Foteviken to celebrate midsummer, sell Viking crafts, fight and raise their horns and cups to Odin and the old Gods! The Viking Town is full of life and there is no opportunity like this to experience how the Vikings really lived.

July 5 to 7, Trelleborg Viking market, Trelleborg Sweden

Welcome to a feast at the old Viking Fortress Trelleborgen! You will find a Viking Market with excellent crafts, witness a real Viking Wedding, se the Vikings fight and demonstrate battle techniques, enjoy the food and of cause experience a lot of children's activities and more!

July 15 to 21, Viking Festival, Trelleborg, Slagelse Denmark

The Viking Festival in Slagelse is Denmark's largest Viking market. The festival is visited by about 600 Vikings - warriors, traders and craftsmen who come together in a genuine Viking spirit. Visit the market with about 60 merchants selling everything from Viking clothing to jewelry and weapons.

17 August, Viking Feud, Part III, Trelleborgen, Trelleborg Sweden

Once again it is time for the four Viking clans to measure their strength in a thrilling semi-final. Today the competitions take place outside Harald Bluetooth’s fortress in Swedish Trelleborg.

25 August, Viking Feud, Part IV, Foteviken Museum Sweden

Grand final! Which of the four Viking clans will bring the coveted trophy home? Come to Foteviken, experience the environment in the Viking town and witness the thrilling finale!

The new program for "the Vikings are coming" 2014 will be published in the spring.

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