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The Viking Summer 2013

Markets, theater and the Vikingfeud – a thrilling competition between four Viking clans – the summer of 2013 was the summer of the Vikings!

The Public Visited the Viking town in Foteviken, the Viking settlement in Frederikssund and the two castles built by Harald Bluetooth when he strived to defend and unit his Viking Empire. This was a unique opportunity to see, feel, smell and taste how the Vikings lived!

The Viking Feud 2013

Besides the annual markets and the traditional Viking Theater we introduced the Viking Feud 2013! People came and watched the toughest, smartest and most cunning Vikings clash in a clan feud in where only the best could win. The Viking Feud 2013 did separate man from mouse!

The competitions started in Trelleborgen in Slagelse and then went on to Frederikssund Viking settlement and then come across the Oresund to Trelleborgen in Trelleborg and ended with the finals at Fotevikens Museum's Viking Town. They competed in eight different old-Nordic disciplines at each event. The team from Trelleborgen in Slagelse won the competition and got their names engraved on the trophy in the shape of a Viking sword and they will keep the sword in their possession until next year when they once again will be challenged by the other clans. The winning team received a prize of 10 000 SEK -  a contribution to a visit to the Jorvik Viking Centre in England.

The program for the Viking Feud 2014 will be published in the spring.

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